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 Don't You Forget About Me, Brekka's Multi-Plotter
 Posted: Jul 30 2016, 01:45 AM
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MM Green Ranger

While the majority of the Mighty Morphin Ranger team can be considered 'new' to this gig, Ryan is the most recent to be chosen by Zordon to wield one of the Power Coins. He's in his senior year of high school and well-known for being one of the top players on his school's football team. With his father coaching the team, Ryan seems guaranteed to go on to college and make a real career out of the sport he loves. That's his main focus right now. Saving the world in the process is just an added side perk.

Friends. A guy like Ryan is well-known and tends to have a lot of friends. He's popular at school and his status on the football team has almost everyone knowing his name. He tends to be a pretty fun guy to be around too - very outgoing and the life of the party. Though he can be extremely arrogant at times, he's a genuinely good dude who just wants to be successful and not let everyone down. It's hard to get close enough to Ryan to get him to talk on a deeper level with you, these true friends are very few for him...but he has plenty of acquaintances.

Enemies. Any bad person/alien trying to destroy the planet or something like that, right? Ryan's ridiculously cocky attitude and smart mouth has certainly earned him a few enemies. Some people just can't stand to be around someone with as much arrogance as he has. Plus, he can be a real jerk at times when he's pushed enough. But really, aside from the obvious Ranger-hating enemies, Ryan probably doesn't have a ton of enemies. Just people who can't stand to be around him because he's so full of himself.

Lovers. Now here's an interesting one. Being the charming jock that he is, Ryan tends to be rather popular with the ladies. He's definitely more on the flirty side and he'll do just about anything to get on a girl's good side. He hasn't had many serious relationships, he's mostly just been a fling sort of guy...but that could quickly change. The girl that won't give Ryan Reese the time of day and refuses to worship the ground he walks upon...the one that really makes him work to win her affections...that is the girl that could break through his big-headed ego and win over the heart of Ryan. Maybe she's out there...maybe she isn't. He's perfectly fine to keep his womanizing ways up until then though.


TF Red Ranger

Cassandra Knight eats, breathes, and sleeps her job as a Time Force Ranger. She's known for always putting the job first and having a no nonsense attitude. With the loss of several members of her team, she's now back in time to bring the criminal Ransik to justice and make him pay for what he did to her friends. Dealing with new teammates and severely 'outdated' technology may just drive the stoic woman to insanity.

Friends. Cassie can definitely come off as being an unfriendly person. She isn't one to often crack a smile or ever be seen joking around. While she will come off as being less intimidating once one earns her respect, there aren't many people that she really lets her walls down to and opens up to. Most of her 'friendships' are strictly professional. She was rather close to the original members of her team (and remains close with the ones from that original team that are still alive) but aside from them and a select few others, Cassie has very few true friends. She's one tough cookie to crack.

Enemies. As a Time Force Officer, anyone who breaks the law could be considered an enemy of Cassie's. She holds no respect for dishonest people and those who are unusually cruel to others and takes great satisfaction in putting them behind bars. She currently holds a burning hatred for Ransik and his associates for the death of some of her teammates and wants nothing more than to avenge them. Needless to say, she isn't much of a fan of any mutants in general right now.

Lovers. Cas has dabbled in relationships a few times in the course of her years. Unfortunately, with her primary focus being her job, none of these relationships have really lasted. Cassie isn't very good at opening up to people or letting them get super close to her. Time Force is her life and that is all that matters. While she holds an interest in both men and women, anyone wanting a romantic relationship of any sort would have to be a bit on the persistent side to get her to crack and give in.

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