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 Posted: Aug 23 2017, 01:05 AM
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Site Premise

Due to the AU nature of the site, we ask that you please read this section before registering as a Ranger, as some details and plots have changed. If you have further questions, feel free to contact a staff member!

Mighty Morphin
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are the heroes of Angel Grove. Rita Repulsa has been defeated and is currently on the Moon. Using her remaining power and magic, she has managed to create a base of operations. Her power is limited but growing fast. Her time on Earth is limited. Rita is trapped on the moon for now but is able to project onto the planet for short amounts of time. She can send monsters to Earth but is otherwise unable to physically leave the Moon base. Though her Goldar monster was defeated, she has revived him as her new general. He leads her monster army in a movement to seek revenge on Zordon and the Rangers for banishing her.

After the defeat of Rita, it was very clear that the threat was growing. Since her thirst for power and conquest grows, Rita's allies have begun to make themselves known on Earth. She seeks the power for herself but will not hesitate to utilize every resource she has to get it.

The Zeo team was made using the power from the crystals in Angel Grove. Their headquarters are located in Riverside, California. In order to protect this sector from the Machine Empire, Zeo works closely with the Mighty Morphin team to ensure the safety of the people. Zordon and Alpha 6 mentor this team.

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Turbo team was created to fight against the Divatox and her followers. It is mentored by Dimitria, who is able to aid Zordon from a distant planet in the universe. Though not with the Rangers in physical form, Dimitria is more than capable of assisting the Rangers through their trials with the help of Alpha 7 manning the Command Center.

Chosen by Zordon millions of years ago, the Space team would also fight for the good of the world. Not bound to one planet the Space Rangers would travel the galaxy to protect anyone in need. However, their ship was damaged in battle and the surviving crew members were put into stasis aboard their ship. Now, in 2017, Zordon has found their vessel and brought them to Earth to recruit and defend the planet from an evil alliance of notorious criminals. Their motives may vary but the Space Rangers are stationed in the Astro Megaship, located in Earth's Thermosphere. The Alliance has a habit of popping up wherever they please on Earth, though the West Coast is the most concentrated in alien activity.

Lost Galaxy
Just as Zordon feared, the power of the Zeo crystals had been too much to hide. Attracting the attention of a brutal space pirate crew, Earth needs the help of the Lost Galaxy Rangers. This crew pillaged and plundered "the most mysterious place in the universe" before setting a course for Earth for the ultimate score.

A space station, translated loosely to Terra Venture, was attacked on the pirates' way to Earth. The station crash landed on a planet called Mirinoi where a legendary power was found in the form of the Quasar Sabers. The newly formed Rangers defended their home diligently. However, the fight wasn't over and the Rangers followed the pirates to Earth. These rangers are located in Atomic City, Idaho under the guidance of DECA aboard their own spaceship. They've made contact with Zordon and carry the power with them, aiding in the planet's defense.

For humans to be a part of this team, they would have to be relatively new, as Earth has not accomplished interplanetary travel yet.

Lightspeed Rescue
Lightspeed Rescue is a group of highly trained professionals with mixed backgrounds in first response, emergencies, or sciences. As soon as the Angel Grove disaster hit, the government was secretly approached by a team of Rangers from the future. With the aid of both the future Rangers and Zordon and Alpha 5, Lightspeed Rescue was formed. Led by Captain Mitchell, this team is the public face of the Power Rangers. Though other teams are well-accepted by the public eye due to their outstanding feats of heroism, this team is official. Most of the inner working of Lightspeed is kept strictly off the records. Backed by a very small circle of scientists and engineers, the secrecy of Zordon, Rita Repulsa, and the original Power Rangers are still highly classified.

Lightspeed's main foes are the demonic forces that were released by the sudden arrival of Rita's powerful magic. The demons fight for their own claim of power, having been suppressed over the years. These forces are brutal and will stop at nothing to conquer the world.

Lightspeed Rescue is based in Mariner Bay, California.

Time Force
What happens when mutants from the year 3000 invade 21st Century California? Power Ranger Time Force. The Rangers chased Ransik into the past in hopes of stopping the criminal from changing the timeline. The villain is hellbent on changing the course of time by obtaining total power.

Time Force resides in Silver Hills, California.

Wild Force
Long ago, an evil force known as the Orgs terrorized Earth. Their sole mission was destruction and fear. Five ancient warriors fought to protect the princess of Animaria, bounding her to a deep sleep, protected from time by powerful magic. The warriors defeated the orgs and the Earth saved. The power and the princess would remain hidden in the sky with the kingdom until they were needed again.

The rise of Rita Repulsa activated the magic that kept Princess Shayla in her sleep, calling her and the power to rise and fight against the evil. Unfortunately, with the evil polluting the Earth, the Orgs have returned. Rita's building an army and will stop at nothing to ensure the suffering of Earth's inhabitants. She's recruited Master Org as an ally and now he strives to find the Zeo Crystal in exchange for simply getting the power to destroy the Animarium once and for all. Turtle Cove, California needs new warriors.

Ninja Storm
Deep in the mountains, secret ninja academies train our future protectors. Ancient scrolls told of three who would be chosen above the others. Three who would become...

Centuries ago, an evil force came to destroy the universe and rebuild it as his own. A group of ninjas fought to fend off the evil but their forces were disabled when one of their own betrayed them. It seemed as if the battle would be lost and the entire planet would be doomed but the Wind Ninjas were able to use their abilities to fight off the evil force.

Now, the traitor has returned. Using his ninja training, he has built an army of evil space ninjas and is seeking revenge on both the Wind Ninja Academy and continue the mission to gain the power and destroy the universe.

Most of the Wind Ninjas have been eliminated except for three. Along with the Thunder Ninjas who come to the aid of their sister school, these new Rangers fight in Blue Bay Harbor, California.

Dino Thunder
After Zordon ordered the meteor strike, millions of years passed before strange stones were found from the general area. Though no one had any clue what they were, these stones were affected by the power found in the Power Coins. In a phenomenon never seen before, the meteor strike had radiated these stones to take on properties only ever seen in the Power Ranger's technology. In the 21st century, two scientists found the stones and ran various experiments to unlock the secrets behind these mysterious gems. One of the men became corrupted with power while the other one sought to protect the integrity of their discovery. Unfortunately, before anything could be done to the gems, they disappeared, save for one that the remaining scientist took and hid.

After the attack on Angel Grove, one MIT graduate, Hayley Ziktor had gone to investigate the site of Rita's invasion. Years ago she was approached by one of her former college associates with a red gem. The secrecy was stressed with utmost importance and Hayley had kept her work classified since then. When Angel Grove was attacked, she had seen a small, momentary glimpse of the belt buckles worn by the Power Rangers and noticed the gem-like coins in their armor.

Her searching led her to Angel Groves quarry and it was at this time that she was contacted by Zordon and Alpha 5, having read the energy readings from the stone Hayley carried. While Hayley searched for the remaining stones, Alpha 5 supplied the technology necessary to create her own set of Rangers. The red dino gem had been found to not be fully powered but required a bond, much like the coins to their rangers.

Along with her associate, Hayley leads a team in Reefside, California. Meanwhile, a threat known as Mesogag seeks to find and control the Dino Gems for himself.

Red Ranger will have needed to meet Hayley in order to get the Dino Gem.

An elite squad of interplanetary law enforcement known as Space Patrol Delta comes from Earth, in the year 2125. Known threat Emperer Grumm was recruited by Ransik on his way to 2017 where they plan to change the course of both of their futures. In order to stop their combined foes from destroying the timeline, Time Force recruited a squad to accompany them in the past to catch Grumm while Ransik is apprehended.

SPD resides in Elk Grove, California.

Mystic Force
The Mystic Rangers remain the same as in the show. They fight their own battle in the magical realm but unfortunately, the fight has been taken outside. With all the new powers arising around California, the Zeo Crystals are attracting an insane amount of attention. Of course, those opposing Mystic Force would become next to unstoppable if they combined the crystals with their own abilities. Briarwood, California is where you can find the magic-based Rangers.

Operation Overdrive
After the attack on Angel Grove, many researchers investigated the small town. For months, the coastal town was occupied by those trying to figure out the motives behind the alien attack. Though the word itself is still being covered by most media, it is becoming increasingly harder to deny the occurrence of the costumed superheroes protecting Angel Grove.

Andrew Hartford, billionaire, genius, and industrialist, had found interesting data during his stop by Angel Grove. In correlation with his own research, his travels took him clear across the globe to find a similar power. Unknowingly, he awakened another threat. During the expedition, the warriors Moltar and Flurious were released from their prisons.

Now resuming their quest to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora and rule the universe with its unmeasurable power, Moltar and Flurious wreak havoc wherever they go.

Little do they know, the jewels that they seek are the legendary Zeo Crystals. Hartford, however, was able to locate one of the gems and because of this, was contacted by Zordon. Hartford's task is not an easy one, for he is to recruit his own team of Rangers and help protect the Earth from any and all threats they may encounter.

Find Hartford and Operation: Overdrive in San Angeles, California.

Jungle Fury
"We are the vision in your dreams. We do not exist, yet we have been here since the beginning. We are Pai Zhuq, the Order of the Claw. We train only the best, both physically and mentally, swearing them to secrecy. All masters of their skills, never knowing their true purpose until now."

Also much like the show, Dai Shi escaped through the body of ex-student Jarrod. The Pai Zhuq academy was destroyed, forcing the chosen guardians to become the sole remainder of their school. They seek further training in Ocean Bluff, California.

"Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world. But Samurai warriors defeated them with power symbols passed down from parent to child. Today, these evil Nighlok has risen once again and plan to flood the earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in their way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai."

All Samurai Rangers must originate from a samurai bloodline. No random occurrences.

Samurai is based in Panorama City, California

In Northern California, another large concentration of Zeo Crystal energy was found. Like Dimitria, Gosei was recruited to mentor another team of Rangers. Gosei was a protege of Zordon and was training to one day join the Rangers. Unfortunately, some hundred years after Zordon and his team perished, Gosei met an unfortunate fate. Saved by Tensou in a similar fashion, Gosei's consciousness was able to be transferred to Earth to mentor a new team of Rangers in Harwood City to defend against The Armada.

Dino Charge
"Long ago, an alien named Keeper entrusted the greatest power in the universe to dinosaurs. Millions of years later, the Energems were found, and the evil Sledge fought ruthlessly to steal them, until the rangers finally defeated him. But, from the ashes a new threat arose... Only one team of heroes can stop him; Power Rangers Dino Charge!"

The power exists across the universe. The energems were never designed to be like the Power Coins. Seeking to protect these powerful objects, Keeper came to Earth shortly before the Rangers were stationed on Earth to protect the crystals. Unfortunately, when the meteor hit the dinosaur guardians of the energems were wiped out as well. The Energems were either found throughout the millions of years or remained hidden. Some in plain sight, some lost and waiting to be discovered.

When Paleontologist Kendall Morgan was on a dig, she came across a strange group of pre-dug holes. They once held strangely shaped objects that were nowhere to be found. However, she did find Keeper. After a strange meeting, Keeper and Kendall allied to find the energems. Unfortunately, the bounty hunter that chased Keeper to Earth had also survived. Finding the perfect opportunity to use the multiple battles around California as a smoke screen, Sledge still seeks the energems and blames Keeper for stranding them on Earth for millions of years.

Dr. Morgan has set up a lab and home base in Amber Beach, California.

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