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 Kopps Family, Additional Town Peoples!
cameron kopps
 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 01:26 PM
cameron kopps
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______ Kopps
I'm looking for Cameron's mother. She currently has no name so that's completely up to whoever wants to take her. The story with her is that she's basically living the life of a single mom except for the fact that she is, indeed, married. Her husband is a naval officer and has been mostly gone for the past 10 years with maybe a few months in between. Cameron has taken on the role of the man of the house, basically doing whatever he can to help raise the small village of children that range between 4 and 17, including himself. He acts as her right hand and has a habit of trying to do everything to the point of having a minuscule personal life.

I imagine that Cam and his mom get along very well for the most part. In his app, I put down that she is a stay-at-home mother but I can easily change that if you wish for her to have a day job instead. She can afford it since her son spends just about every non-school or work hour with the kids and taking them around wherever they need to go.

Playby suggestion: Tiffani Thiessen

Caleb Kopps
This is a want ad for a little piece of work. Caleb Kopps is the second oldest in a hoard of 7. His age is currently put down as 14 but 15 can work if the player wants. He is an absolute pain in Cameron's side. This kid is basically a little punk who constantly pushes the limits as to what he can g et away with. Unlike the rest of the kiddos, Caleb is a bit older and has a tendency to question the older brother who basically acts as a dad to his siblings. This kid would think he was the greatest thing and would not think twice to prove it to any and all. He's a huge flirt, often to Cameron's chagrin and will be immediately shut down by big brother. Basically, the more trouble Caleb causes, the better. Nevermind Cameron's emotional distress over "WHERE DID I GO WRONG?"

These two I see clashing a lot. I imagine that Caleb and Cameron got along famously in the early years, even after their dad left. But once Cameron stopped being the big brother and started acting like a fake dad, this upset the balance and opened the floodgates for tons of angst. It doesn't help that Cameron is also a successful athlete (despite having just recently quit the school team) with mom's favor and a car and a job and money. Not that he needs to know how much work and emotional/social beating his brother gets. But hey, more angst.

Playby suggestion: Jack Griffo

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