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 KOPPS, CAMERON JOSEPH, Civilian | R. Lanteigne | 17
cameron kopps
 Posted: May 31 2017, 12:26 AM
cameron kopps
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FULL NAME: Cameron Joseph Kopps
AGE: 17
BIRTHDATE: November 28
TEAM: Mighty Morphin
COLOR: Civilian
OCCUPATION: Student, Waiter
FACECLAIM: Ryley Lanteigne

  • 2003 Toyota Corolla - Phantom Gray
  • Abilities
    Cameron doesn’t have any spectacular superpowers to speak of. However, because of a long soccer career, Cameron is a very fit individual. Years of consistent training and dedication to building strength, endurance, and agility have made him into a great athlete. Additionally, Cameron has a passion and knack for video games and can often be found spending his (rare) free time. Pun connoisseur. Knowledge of random trivial facts.

    Coming from the miniature village that he calls his family, Cameron is imbued with saintlike patience. He is one of the most easygoing people that you’ll ever talk to. Not to say that he’s dull or quiet but when you’ve helped raise six other small humans, you tend to gain an amazing tolerance for the largest of tantrums. One doesn’t know drama until they have to rescue a Barbie from a toddler for the third time after picking gum out of a third grader’s ponytail.

    Cameron is one of those people that could easily be confused for being too polite. But in all honesty, he is such a mama’s boy that he has a hard time turning off the extreme manners. He’s just the type that took the older sibling responsibility to heart and doesn’t always remember how to take the kid gloves off because of the long time promise to set a good example for his younger siblings. It’s because of this that his sweet and innocent demeanor has a bad habit of earning him either the title of ‘goody two shoes’ or the accusation of trying to manipulate people around him. In reality, he’s just a very well-mannered puppy who is simply nice for the sake of being nice. This boy could literally be described as playful, energetic, with a good demeanor and great with kids. Puppy.

    That being said, Cameron is not without a sharp edge. When it comes to his family, there isn’t anything Cameron wouldn’t do for them. He is a child at heart with the sense of humor that matches a 12-year-old. Cameron is a stubborn being and would literally hold a grudge until the day he died if given a reason to. One more side effect of having to keep track of everything any sibling said ever. He does have a knack for the dramatics which is directly linked to having small children to entertain.

    One thing Cameron often struggles with is overworking himself. Between a job, high school, soccer, college preparation, and constant babysitting, Cameron has a lot on his plate and that often leads to a lot of burn out. By the time he’s ready for bed, most of the world is long unconscious but he’s just finished not only his own homework but hot glueing a terrarium for a second grade assignment that was put off until the night before. Academically, Cameron does well enough to stay in soccer but is far from being top notch due to the sheer lack of time he has to actually try for the great grades he has the potential for.

    10 years ago, a 7year old boy was put in charge of his 4 and 2 year old siblings. His father was a Naval officer, leaving for what was supposed to be a temporary but extended trip. He was told that he was the man of the house and that he needed to help mom take care of the family. To this day, Cameron has taken that to heart. Four siblings later. And still very rarely visited by their now highly successful father.

    Cameron Kopps has grown up living the life of a brother-dad. He is the oldest of 7 kids ranging from 4 to 17. In this time he has changed countless diapers and learned more about childcare throughout his own childhood than most do going into their 30’s. Cameron has essentially been the sole supporting role to his mom, who might as well have been considered single. For years, Cameron has been his mother’s boy. He’s watched soap operas, chick flicks, and has all the basic skills of a stay-home mom because of her.Cameron was born and raised in Angel Grove and does not see himself ever leaving until the last kid graduates. Which is a long way off considering that he hasn’t even made it that far in his own life.

    As soon as Cameron turned 16, he acquired his driver’s license. Because of he was of age, it was time he take over the part time chauffeur job. Despite the very, very simple lifestyle that they live, Cameron was able to get a car. If only for the fact that it benefitted everyone instead of having to take the minivan for even the smallest of trips. It was also around that time that Cameron decided to get a job. His mother never asked it of him but having a strong sense of duty, the young man pushed to contribute to the family even beyond his childcare services.

    To actually live his own life, as often prescribed by his overworked stay-at-home mom, Cameron took up playing soccer. He took to it rather quickly and soon progressed from city recreational leagues to playing on both his middle school and high school careers. Up until recently, that is. Recently, his cousin had been dealing with an issue with the soccer captain. His soccer captain. Over the summer, Cameron learned about a scandal regarding the decency and moral integrity of his cousin. And, of course, he is automatically inclined to take Alice’s word over some douche who Cameron wasn’t even a fan of, to begin with. In the meantime, Cameron has found himself a position as a waiter at a local fine dining restaraunt. Cameron is currently making most of his living in tips as the wage is nothing to brag about. Luckily, his natural charisma and good looks have helped make the job worth working. Now he just has to survive...which may be getting increasingly harder as time goes on.

     Posted: Jun 1 2017, 03:12 PM
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