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 Posted: May 22 2017, 12:49 PM
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Site Premise

Established: 1775
Population: 376,000
Elevation: 241 ft.

Attractions: We have a mall? And a youth center. And the beaches are some of the best on the west coast! Hiking and camping is popular here, with a national forest just outside the town borders, and the community hosts a wide range of public events year-round. We may be a small town, but there’s always something going on, whether it’s the farmer’s market, a carnival, or alien monster attack…

Guardian is an alternate universe RPG of the Power Rangers universe based on the 2017 movie which integrates aspects of the individual television titles. We are an original character site, forging our own stories and associations with Power Rangers 2017 as a general guideline. Please see th

For Earth, it began in the Cenozoic Era. Tasked with protecting all life on Earth and the Zeo Crystal within the planet, intergalactic warriors known as the Power Rangers brought their elite force of six—Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and Green—to the planet. However, a traitor was in their midst; Rita Repulsa, Green Ranger, betrayed her team and went after Earth’s Zeo Crystal for herself with plans to dominate the universe. With his team fallen under the forces of Rita Repulsa, Red Ranger Zordon hid his comrades’ power coins from the twisted sorceress and, as a last effort to protect the universe at large, ordered his ship’s faithful servant, Alpha 5, to initiate the meteor attack which killed him, eradicated the dinosaurs, and sent Rita Repulsa to the bottom of the ocean.

An age has passed since the meteor struck Earth. Currently, it is 2017. Off the coast of California, a fishing vessel is docked indefinitely, barred from the public by a line of police tape. It isn’t every day a body gets caught up in a net off the coast of Angel Grove—especially not one so peculiar and, as the investigators can only assume, ancient.

Sensing the awakening of a familiar evil, an unseen light sparks from the Power Coins deep within the Angel Grove quarry rock, calling out to their new chosen—the new guardians of Earth and protectors of the universe.

>The threat known as Rita Repulsa is defeating and Zordon is quick to warn the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" that the battle was not over. It is not long before Earth becomes a hot spot for those who wish to take the Zeo Crystals. Earth houses its own threats as well. Within months, many teams populate California, as the state is rich with Zeo Crystal energy. Though they are unable to find the exact location, it is like a second Gold Rush for the coastal state.

Time on Guardian is semi-fluid. What this means is, while we try to keep our references around a general monthly timeline, we allow for mild manipulation. For instance, while the MMPR group may be following their event and playing out key points such as finding the coins, going through training, and fighting Rita, the rest of the site is not dependent on the completion of the MMPR event threads to play out plots which would happen shortly after the first battle or reference monster attacks. This includes those in the MMPR group, which are free to play in threads as fully-fledged power rangers, and other Power Ranger groups will be able to do the same once they become available. The general rule is to keep threads referenced within the same real-time month as they begin. Otherwise, the Past and Future boards are available for those who need a more significant time deviance.
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