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Jun 11 2017, 12:22 PM
On Going:
Summer WHAT?! - Ryan Reese (Brekka)
Discovery - MMPR (Lark, Danni, Cait)
Do or Die - Eben Saito (Xero)

The Quarry - MMPR (Lark, Danni, Cait, Getter); Done
May 30 2017, 07:18 PM
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<p>Nicknames: Benny, Ben</p>
<p>Team: Might Morphin' Yellow</p>

<b>"A pleasure to meet you."</b><br>
Friends are not hard for Benny to make. He is a great pal to all his friends. He is always there for his friends when they need him. The only bad side of being friends with Benny is his ramblings.

<b>"That's not a nice thing to do."</b><br>
Benny knows right from wrong. When it comes to the not so nice people at school and in every day life, Benny much rather not get in a physical fight. Words are better the a physical fight, or at least that his logic. Sometimes wanting to talk things out don't always work in Benny's favor depending on who he is having a problem with. As for the baddies who threaten Angel Grove and/or the human race, Benny will kick butt.

<b>"Um, uh, hi."</b><br>
When Benny likes someone, he will keep his feelings to himself. He doesn't have enough courage to ask a girl out or tell her his feelings. He gets very shy and bashful in front of a girl he likes.

I think the yellow is okay. If you think it is bad choice let me know. I'll change it to a darker yellow.

<div class='k-pic'><img src=''></div>
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<a href=''>kris</a>

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.k-txt b{
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font-size: 12px;


.k-txt h1{
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font: 25px 'arial';
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line-height: 35px;

.k-crd {
text-align: right;

.k-crd a{
font: 10px 'arial';
color: #FFDD00;
text-transform: uppercase;
text-decoration: none;
May 30 2017, 10:51 AM
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#cf {
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@keyframes cf3FadeInOut {
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#cf {
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animation-timing-function: ease-in-out;
animation-iteration-count: infinite;
animation-duration: 5s;
animation-direction: alternate;

ul li {
font-weight: bold;

<Div style="width: 450px; padding: 1px solid #cecece;">
<div style="height: 150px; background-color: #000000; width: 450px;"></div>
<div style="position: relative; top: -100px; margin-bottom: -222px;">
<Table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<Td><div style="width: 150px; padding: 10px; background-color: #fff; border: 1px solid #cecece;"><div id="cf">
<img class="bottom" src="" />
<img class="top" src="" />
<Td><div class="steveoappthree"><div class="steveoappfour">
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FULL NAME:</font> Benjamin Charles Laswson
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">NICKNAME(S):</font> Benny, Ben, and Benny Bun
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">SPECIES:</font> Human
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">AGE:</font> 16
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BIRTHDATE:</font> May 3
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">TEAM:</font> Mighty Morphin'
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">COLOR:</font> Yellow
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BASE OF OPERATIONS:</font> Angel Grove
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">OCCUPATION:</font> High School Student
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FACECLAIM:</font> Isaac Hempstead Wright

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border-top: 107px solid #fff; background-color: #fff; height: 250px;"><div class="steveoappfive">
<div class="steveoappone">

<li>Power Morpher</li>
<li>Saber-Toothed Tiger Power Coin</li>
<li>Wrist Communicator</li>
<li>Blade Blaster</li>
<li>Power Daggers</li>
<li>Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord</li>
Upon obtaining the yellow power coin Benny was given enhanced strength, stamina, and agility.</p>

<p>Benny has the brain power. He is smart and has the answer for most questions. He also has problem solving skills. He can come up with multiple answers for the problem at hand.</p>
You know that moment where class is about to end and the teacher hasn't assigned homework and there is that one student who reminds them? Yeah, Benny is that student. He is studious and always has his school work done on time. His hand is always in the air to answer the teachers' questions. For Benny all his classes are A's and nothing below. Or more like he has A's in most of his classes.</p>

<p>The one class Benny has some difficulties with is gym class. He much rather have written essay or a presentation than be doing the sit-and-reach or as many push-ups in a given amount of time. He is still passing the class just not with an A.</p>

<p>Benny can be a talker, although, it is more like rambling on and on. You get him on the right topic and Benny can go on for hours. When Benny gets like this, there are two ways you can deal with it. Either just let him go on until Benny finishes. Or interrupt Benny to get him to stop, if you can.</p>

<p>Probably the number one thing that will always peeve Benny off is someone calling him Benny Bun. You can call him Benjamin, Benny, or Ben. But do not call him Benny Bun. The nickname Benny Bun is strictly only for his Grammy to use. If someone who is not his Grammy calls him that he gets really upset. He will pout and not talk to that person.</p>
Trigger Warning: Mentioning Death and Depression - 2nd paragraph

<p>Benny was born and grew up in Angel Grove. Benny lived with his mom, Grammy, and Granddaddy. His dad was out of the picture. Benny had his Granddaddy so all was good. He was a happy kid growing up.</p>

<p>Most kids would learn an important fact about life because their hamster died. Benny learned that life would come to an end at some point when his Granddaddy passed away. The eight-years-old boy didn't fully understand why his Granddaddy wasn't coming to home or why Benny wasn't going to visit his Granddaddy in the nurse home any more. Benny fell in to a little bit of a depression as he mourned. As some time passed Benny was able to bounce back to his normal self.</p>

<p>Benny exceled well in school. He wasn't a student who signed up for sports. He signed up for student committee, chess club, and other clubs like that. He had gotten along most of his peers. For the peers he didn't get along with he will simply not talk to them.</p>

<p>Benny's dream job is an archaeologist.</p>

<center><Div style="padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; background-color: #000000; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; color: #fff; font-family: source sans pro; font-weight: 900; width: 450px; font-size: 15px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;">Otter | EST | PM</div></center>
<div class="soscred"><a href="">© FELICITY</a>
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