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Posted by: hayden flynn May 25 2017, 06:54 AM

FULL NAME: Hayden Ridley Flynn
AGE: 17
BIRTHDATE: January 2
FACECLAIM: Holland Roden

  • Red Power Coin
  • Blade Blaster
  • Power Sword
  • Tyrannosaurus Zord
  • Abilities
    Just like the rest of the Mighty Morphin’ team, Red Ranger possesses superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. Aside from the metahuman abilities bestowed by her power coin, Hayden has above average strength and endurance due to a variety of physical hobbies and is an incredibly healthy and physically fit individual. Years of rock climbing, yoga, recreational paint ball, dirt bike riding, and fencing have set her up to be a powerful Red Ranger. Having gone through first aid and CPR training back in Connecticut and serving as a junior volunteer in the local fire department, Hayden is also trained on emergency response and plans to get her EMT certification after she turns eighteen.

    Despite growing up the daughter of two prestigious Hartford Hospital doctors and never left wanting for anything, Hayden is far from spoiled and knows the meaning of hard work and responsibility. Her father, in particular, sets high expectations for his daughter in academics, school clubs, and in volunteering her time and services to the community. Nothing has ever been given to her without having earned it, but she would never complain. Responsibility, leadership, a healthy lifestyle, caring for others, and doing what’s right are all a part of being a Flynn, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. This, of course, has shaped her into a girl who holds herself accountable for nearly everything, including the well-being and happiness of others, and it has a tendency to manifest in a rather protective way, whether it be for family, friends, or simply the underdog.

    Hayden is vibrant and lively without being overly so. There’s a spark in her that reads “playful” and “fun” which makes her seem the approachable type, but she’s not one to push herself on others or demand to be the center of attention. She’s a very intelligent girl with an aim for medical school, but academics come easy to her in a way that might be frustrating for others who aren’t so blessed. But, really, she’s pretty easy-going and just wants to have some fun once in a while, though, to be perfectly honest, she may need some heavy coaxing to help her justify taking a break from school or other responsibilities and get out.

    Growing up with her best friend being her older brother, Hayden has a tendency to lean toward some “boyish” (by typical societal standards) hobbies—videogames, Nerf, paintball—though, to survive the high-pressure life of the private school socialite, that’s all been kept on the down-low. To go along with it, Hayden is a closet nerd and enjoys everything from Star Wars to comic book heroes, but it all feels like a guilty pleasure to her. She’s never really had the opportunity to fully be herself in public, but has never known anything different, either.

    Of course, even with her closeted private life, it’s not exactly a tragic teen story. Hayden enjoys the “girly” things, too—fashion, beauty, baking—and she’s never been lacked social life, so she’s never been completely bottle up. She just…hasn’t ever had the opportunity to just be her.

    Born and raised in Pomfret, Connecticut, Hayden Ridley Flynn had a fairly privileged childhood. Her father and mother are both nationally recognized professionals in their fields of neurosurgery and oncology, respectfully, and so the Flynn family was rather well-off. To give their children the best possible opportunities in life, Hayden and her older brother by four years, Roy, were given private school educations, and both children did extremely well in that social sphere, becoming school icons and veritable monarchy. Four years ahead of her, Roy had set an extremely high social and academic bar for Hayden by the time she entered Pomfret Preparatory High School, and yet stepping into her brother’s shoes had been a bit like passing the crown. Hayden was the golden girl, loved by all and involved in everything. The perfect school idol.

    Hayden’s parents had set high standards and expectations for charity, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities for both as far back as either can remember, but the approach with which these expectations were set was very different between the Mr. and the Mrs. They were as different as they come for a married couple. Her father was a rather easy-going individual with an easy smile and warm nature, but her mother… That was a different story altogether. Mrs. Dr. Flynn was high strung, strict, and rigid both in her home life and at work. These differences in personality grew into a deep, volatile rift which resulted in a ruthless and bloody divorce. The result of that divorce? Three-thousand miles and a completely new life for Hayden and her father.

    The decision to move to a completely different coast was an entirely impulsive action on Mr. Dr. Flynn’s part, and Hayden, much to her displeasure, had very little say or influence in the matter. Her mother had…decided to “distance” herself—that was the polite way to put it, at least—and so Hayden wasn’t given much of a choice when her father announced that they would be moving. Reason had gone out the window in the midst of a divorced fueled mid-life crisis, and nothing was stopping her father from moving as far away from her mother a possible without completely leaving the lower forty-eight states.

    That brings us to our beginning—or a beginning of things, such as they are.

    Displaced and cut off from everything she’s ever known and loved, Hayden is stuck in a bit of an emotional rut as she takes her first steps into Angel Grove. The girl went from knowing exactly who she was and where she was going to everything suddenly being up in the air and foreign. She hates the idea of being “the new girl” and dreads her first encounters with the public school system. Denial, disbelief, depression—Hayden is far from feeling like herself, and, right now, all she wants is to be home. She wants her old life and her old friends, even if they haven’t returned her calls the past few days…

    [ and so it begins… ]
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    Posted by: DANNI May 26 2017, 09:40 PM

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