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mickayla barnes

Pink Ranger

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Jun 21 2017, 12:18 AM
Okay, found a service dog, a welcome mat, and an obscure greeting card (National Turkey Lovers Day?). So far, so good. That gift certificate was as good as hers.

Mickayla was going frantic. The mall was usually a place of serenity. Or ferocity. Depending on the current sales. But today, the place was buzzing. The local ice cream shop was hosting a picture scavenger hunt. The winner would receive a 25 dollar gift certificate if they scored the most points by the end of the afternoon.


"Find a teammate. Double points...Both parties receive a prize if completed in tandem. Done!" The blonde read the next challenge aloud on the page of challenges. All she had to do was find the nearest willing person and get them to join the crusade.

Who to ask, who to ask. There! Kayla ran up to the nearest person who caught her eye that looked willing enough. "Hey! I'm doing a scavenger hunt and need a partner. Free ice cream in it for you if you help?"
Jun 1 2017, 11:27 PM
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Mickayla is one of the cheerleaders from Angel Grove High School. She is one of those rich chicks who looks like she should be wearing pink on Wednesdays and damning those who wear tank tops two days in a row. However, she definitely doesn't care about what other people do and self-imposed fashion rules are overrated.
Friends: While is most definitely an extrovert, she isn't really a social butterfly. She tends to stick to the familiar and just goes along with whatever happens. She won't turn down social interactions but she doesn't actively seek to make new friends. That being said, she most definitely has more acquantainces than actual friends and being one of the most


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-2' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-2'>
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</label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Cameron Kopps</h1><h2> 17 | Civilian | Single</h2></div><div class="two">


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</label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Zachary Aguilar</h1><h2> 16 | Civilian | Single</h2></div><div class="two">


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Jul 27 2016, 01:43 AM
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<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FULL NAME:</font> Mickayla Francis Barnes
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">NICKNAME(S):</font> None
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">SPECIES:</font> Human
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">AGE:</font> 17
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BIRTHDATE:</font> July 16
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">TEAM:</font> MMPR’
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">COLOR:</font> Pink
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BASE OF OPERATIONS:</font> Angel Grove
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">OCCUPATION:</font> High School Student
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FACECLAIM:</font> Alexis Ren

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border-top: 107px solid #fff; background-color: #fff; height: 250px;"><div class="steveoappfive">
<div class="steveoappone">

<li>Power Morpher w/ Pterodactyl Power Coin</li>
<li>Blade Blaster</li>
<li>Power Bow</li>
<li>Pink Shark Cycle</li>
In addition to the superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes that come with being a Power Ranger, Mickayla’s most known for her grace and physical strength due to many years of dance and cheer. She has experience in jazz, modern, and ballet dance as well as the gymnastics necessary for cheerleading.

On the surface, Mickayla is your typical girly girl. She’s always looks polished, her clothes are never old, and her hair is always kept up. It isn’t hard to see her as a spoiled daddy’s girl. Kayla is not shy about her family’s money (or shy at all, really). However, she is far from your standard catty mean girl. She’s fairly nice when you talk to her but has a tendency to be a bit self-centered to spark up a conversation with most people. Mickayla is proud and her confidence can easily be taken as vanity. However, beneath the frills, Mickayla is hellfire and attitude.
Mickayla will not hesitate to verbally destroy anyone if they give her a reason to. This is one girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and will not flinch away from conflict. Mickayla is strong-willed, headstrong and, not to mention, temperamental. Her competitiveness is something fierce and she absolutely hates to lose.
Like with most things, Mickayla tends to be more show than tell. That being said, she is far from one might see in a typical privileged individual. Her skills and accomplishments do not come from her money, as she was taught early on how to work hard for what she wants. Despite her family’s wealth, Kayla was raised to know full well that she would not be allowed to simply inherit the fortune.
As independent as she to be, Mickayla has absolutely no problem working with others. In fact, the girl has a tendency to thrive when around others. Her loyalty is something great, as well. She would do anything for her friends and teammates. More importantly, Mickayla stands up for what she believes in. It doesn’t matter who it is, she will stand by what she thinks is morally right.

From the coasts of Palm Beach, Florida to the coast of Malibu, California, Mickayla Barnes has never had a boring life. Her family moved across the country when she was five years old. She lived with her parents, grandmother, an older brother and a younger sister. Victor Barnes was a self-made millionaire, his success stemming from a few very lucky breaks in the real estate business. His natural charisma and smarts were put to good use as he made his fortune in the industry. It was no surprise that he had plenty of female attention with the excessive cash, golden-blonde hair and a good smile. However, once he met Linda Pierce, his bachelor days became numbered. It did start as risque, little flings but a year later, they were married. Sure, it was a risk. Many were convinced that the young fashion designer was just looking for easy money. In the end, that proved wrong.
Mickayla has a brother, seven years older than herself. Jonathan graduated high school with honors and left for college. Five years later he joined the Air Force as an officer. After Mickayla, there’s Serena. Yet again, there is a larger age difference than the norm at six years.
Since middle school, Mickayla has been in cheerleading. The sport came naturally after years of dance classes prior to tryouts. Having always excelled in physical ability over academics, contrary to her brother, the girl has always stuck with what she was good at. Of course, she put maximum effort into everything she participated. After all, her and her siblings were under full understanding that there were expectations for each of them to succeed, lest they wish to be excluded from the family will. Victor had worked too hard for his kids to lose sight of what was important. Whether it was practice or her makeup or lessons, Kayla was on top of everything. Still, the books were never her strong suit. Thanks to average-at-best grades, Mickayla would never qualify for the Ivy League law schools she once dreamed of. But, of course, she won’t take that lying down..
Entering senior year promises to bring the natural slew of live choices. She is still highly uncertain of what she wants to do though it is without question that the decision needs to be made. Until then, she’s playing normal. Nothing is wrong and as far as people know, she’s made sure of that. As long as nothing comes into the way, it’ll be easy to pretend she has a plan for the time being...

<center><Div style="padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; background-color: #000000; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; color: #fff; font-family: source sans pro; font-weight: 900; width: 450px; font-size: 15px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;">DANNI | PACIFIC | PM/SKYPE</div></center>
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