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Age: 18
Occupation: Collage Student (photography)
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
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Alias: Aria
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Timezone: Central
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Team: Samurai
Joined: 28-August 17
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Aug 28 2017, 10:21 PM
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<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FULL NAME:</font> Rosalyn Hotaru Akiyama
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">NICKNAME(S):</font> Rose, Taru
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">SPECIES:</font> Human
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">AGE:</font> 18
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BIRTHDATE:</font> Agust 17
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">TEAM:</font> Samurai
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">COLOR:</font> Red
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BASE OF OPERATIONS:</font> Panorama City
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">OCCUPATION:</font> Photography Student
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FACECLAIM:</font> Momo Hirai

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border-top: 107px solid #fff; background-color: #fff; height: 250px;"><div class="steveoappfive">
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<li>Samurai Disks</li>
<li>Disk Buckle</li>
<li>Spin Sword</li>
<li>Fire Smasher</li>
<li>Lion Folding Zord</li>
Swordsman ship- She has been taught from a young age how to weild a sword. More specifically a Katana. It has been something that has always been set in stone for her. Most knew that she had a chance of taking up the mantal of the Red Samurai Ranger so they wanted her to be as ready as possible.<p>
Martial Arts Training- something else she has learned since she was young. They were only really able to talk her into learning Karate. While she may not look it she is actually a black belt in Karate and is very capable of defending herself. It's something else that she was taught to prepare her for becoming the red Samurai Ranger.
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<div class="soscred"><a href="">© FELICITY</a>
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