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Jul 18 2017, 03:32 PM
#analeis { width: 360px; font: 10px arial; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 13px; margin: 15px 0px; text-align: justify; }
</style><center><div id="analeis">

This had to have been one of the stupidest schemes she had ever gotten herself mixed up in. I mean honestly, who the hell concocted these sorts of arrangements? The answer was the Dean of Angel Grove High School who apparently harbored a grudge against not only half the delinquent population, but Analeis Dawson as well. It was some time last week that this ordeal had begun when Mister Dawson received a phone call from the campus inquiring about the necessary avenues they needed to take in order for students to visit the location and while the whole thing seemed innocent at first, it quickly spiraled into something much more sinister. Analeis had little warning before she was being asked – no, demanded – to escort one of the local football players around the quarry as a part of their newly designed hometown education project. Of course she was supposed to keep quiet about the identity of this mysterious star athlete since assignment was going to be a key factor in him passing summer school, something which was a scandal in itself. It if had been any other person she supposed that their name would not have mattered, but clearly something had an image to uphold and her father, as innocent as he was in all of this, happily volunteered Analeis for the position without consenting her.
A small sigh escaped a pair of pale lips as the female in question her pearl white Honda Civic came pulled up to the employee entrance at Angel Grove Quarry, she muting the radio as not to draw too much attention. The area looked nearly abandoned to the unobservant, but she knew well that someone would be waiting her at the booth – and waiting they were. <b>”Analeis! I wasn’t expect you to show up today,”</b> a cheerful voice exclaimed once she rolled down the window. The owner of the voice was a gentleman in his early twenties who had been assigned the very glamorous position of ‘check-in servant’ as they often joked and he was, obviously, very excited to see someone other than his darling coworkers. <b>”Are you looking for your father? I think he’s down in sector eight if you would like me to radio the commander.”</b> Analeis could not help but to smile at the happy attitude that the male exuded and, for a moment, she thought that maybe this trip would not be so awful. After all, if she was <i>really</i> annoyed by her unwilling guest then she could at least radio in and request that he be extracted from her car… right? <b>”As wonderful as that would be, Jake, I’m actually here to give a tour of the low level sector to one of my classmates. Has Ryan Reese checked in with you by any chance?”</b>
The male muttered something about not seeing anyone out of the ordinary and asked her to wait for a moment, he turning to the computer on his left and typing something into the system. There were a few beeps from the monitor and static from the radio; nonetheless after a moment it was confirmed. <b>”It looks like he hasn’t arrived yet, but if you want I can check you in now and send him over to the employee parking lot when he arrives. He can park up here in the guest sector and job down to you as a bit of extra punishment if only for your pleasure – plus then I won’t have to worry about you two roaming off!”</b> At this point Analeis was struggling to hold back her laughter and she did so with grace by opting to nod along with the suggestion. It was clear that this impromptu visit had livened up the male’s day at the very least and, as quickly as he could, the proper documentation was passed through the tinted windows of the car: two visitor passes for the teenagers and a parking plague to mark the car as ‘clear’ for any confused employees.
It seemed the comfortable silence of shuffling papers could not remain such though as a radio in the air conditioned booth suddenly burst to life with a voice inquiry as to whether not sector five had been cleared. A look of confusion crossed the female as she wondered what had happened especially given that the area had yet to be clear by her father for demolition. <b>”There was an accident of sorts over there last week,”</b> the male immediately cut in, his hands moving to turn down the volume on the pesky device. <b>”A part of the cliff suddenly gave way like it had been detonated and then we found some girl’s Jeep crashed a few miles down the road. We’re not sure if the events are connected, but they’re supposed to start clean up today.”</b> It was clear from his shaky movements that Jake was had not been cleared to share these details with anyone and yet here he was, blabbering away like she was his superior. Analeis sometimes wondered just what went on in his head. <b>”Anyways, you’re all set for the day. We have shift change at five o’clock, so make sure that you’ve check out by then.”</b>
Analeis offered him a soft smile and reassurance that she would avoid the area all together before moving to roll through the now open security gates and down towards the designated lot. She was not sure what had happened in the quarry, but one thing was sure – she was going to find out one way or another.

Jul 16 2017, 08:57 PM
Jul 7 2017, 10:27 PM
Hey, Everyone! I'm going to be out of town for about a week beginning tomorrow due to a work event followed up by a short family vacation. This means that my posting will be minimal if at all existent until next Saturday, so I apologize in advanced! I'll try to reply on my phone if I can between all the chaos. If you need me though, feel free to send me a PM! I do have Discord if you're in desperate need of a plotting fix with my lovely baby. Have fun without me!
Jun 30 2017, 10:01 PM
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<center><div id="shipper"><div class="triangletop"></div><div class="trianglebottom"></div><div class="image">

<img src=">

</div><div class="container"><div class="name"> Analeis Dawson

</div><div class="trait"> Seventeen

</div><div class="trait"> Angel Grove High School

</div><div class="trait"> Library Receptionist

</div><div class="trait"> Heterosexual

</div><div class="trait"> Single

</div></div><div class="content">

Analeis Dawson is a name that would often leave people scratching their heads as they attempt to remember just who she was in the sea of people that attend Angel Grove High School, but nearly anyone would recognize her face to face. She is the type of girl who happily drifts between the various cliques without becoming attached to a single one with the majority of her time better spent hanging out at the beach or library. Of course this may make her sound rather boring to most, but she can have fun when the opportunity arises!

<div class="header">Friends</div>

As someone who refuses to get involved with any one group on campus, a lot of people assume that Analeis has trouble making friends or, at the very least, keeping them. This is something which she feels is not true though as she finds this more a skill of sorts with her blending into nearly any crowd. She is the type of person who will spend hours locked away in the library studying for the big calculus exam or blowing up balloons for homecoming if that is what she sets her mind to Heck! She may even hang out on the soccer field [even though she understands absolutely nothing aside from kick the ball in the other net]. If someone wants to be her friend, all they have to do is ask.

<div class="header">Enemies</div>

At this point in her life Analeis is perfectly content to exist in a world where she has no enemies - or at least none that she is aware of. She is sure that there are a few students who would happily toss her in the swimming pool on the south side of campus given the chance, but given these people rarely make their appearance known she prefers to pretend that they do not exist.

<div class="header">Lovers</div>

It seems like every female on campus thrives off of the drama that accompanies romance. In all honesty, Analeis finds this to be exhausting and it is exactly this reason which has lead her down the path that is seventeen and single. She has yet to experience anything more than an unrequited crush yet alone get caught up in a serious relationship and while many find her quite odd for it, she is quite happy with this. If the right person came around she would be open to the idea of dating them of course, but for now it is just her and her pet cat.

</div><div class="credit">inspired by <a href="">lauz</a></div></div></center>[/DOHTML]

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Name & Name

</div><div class="hitmeup">

Your response goes here. It can be as long as you want as it will automatically scroll once you hit a certain length. If you experience any errors in the code, simply let me know!

Jun 29 2017, 02:20 PM
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<Td><div class="steveoappthree"><div class="steveoappfour">
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FULL NAME:</font> Analeis Elizabeth Dawson
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">NICKNAME(S):</font> 'aleis
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">SPECIES:</font> Human
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">AGE:</font> 17
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BIRTHDATE:</font> March 18
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">TEAM:</font> None
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">COLOR:</font> Civilian
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BASE OF OPERATIONS:</font> Angel Grove
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">OCCUPATION:</font> Receptionist
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FACECLAIM:</font> Josephine Skriver

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border-top: 107px solid #fff; background-color: #fff; height: 250px;"><div class="steveoappfive">
<div class="steveoappone"><br>


Athleticism: As a child Analeis spent much of her time being escorted between activities which her mother felt would better her as a young woman with the most emphasized being that of dance lessons and gymnastics competitions. It has been nearly three years since Analeis participated in either of these activities on what would be considered a professional level, but the foundation lessons she learned partaking have not faded. She continues to practice both when she feels the urge and while she may not be as graceful as she once was, she still considers herself to be rather athletic or, at the very least, fit.
Intelligence: It was at a very young age that Analeis was first introduced to notion that schooling must always take priority in order for her to achieve success in life, thus leading her to the mindset that she possesses today. Analeis has spent numerous hours hidden away in the library or a quiet corner of the house to study and it is because of this that she is able to claim ranking among the top fifteen students in her graduating class. This is something which she is extremely proud of especially given that most do not assume her to be the type, but knowing how brazen her peers can be it is this which she keeps quiet. The inquiries of how she did on an assignment or test are always met with an indication that she could have done better or felt it was “ridiculous” to keep the petty rumors at bay. It is her hope that this placement along with her extracurricular activities will help her gain a position at the local four year university next year.


In a land dominated by the stereotypes of a typical high school drama, Analeis would like to think that she is someone who is more of a background player in a larger production. There is nothing about her that makes her necessarily stand out from the crowd aside from the epic Toppling Incident of 2016 and, to be honest, she quite prefers it this way. She possesses the innate ability to float amongst the various cliques that inhabit campus with little issue due to her upbeat personality without having ever been associated with just one. She is, quite literally, the girl that people forget about until someone points her out in a crowd.
When observed in a private setting though, it is clear that this young woman is defined by her confidence and expectations. She will do anything it takes to accomplish her goals – no matter if it is studying all night for the big calculus exam or blowing up a thousand balloons for prom, she will finish the task at hand. This determination is a double edged sword as she has often finds herself having said something inappropriate in pursuit of her objectives, but she tries not to let those incidents plague her mind.
The one thing that few people know about Analeis though is that underneath her bubbly and confident exterior, she is still a little girl who feels pain concerning the loss of her mother. The woman who raised her may not have been the most nurturing person, but at the end of the day she was still her mother. The passing years have made the initial pain of losing a parent easier, but Analeis still mourns the loss as any person would.


Analeis Elizabeth was born mere moments before the first rays of light rose above the horizon nearly eighteen years ago, her precious blue eyes the first thing to greet them that warm spring day. The phrase “miracle child” was one used more than once to describe the child in her first hours on this earth, each person who viewed her smiling as though she were the answer to years of unheard prayer. It was no secret that her parents had struggled for many years to conceive a child and with the arrival of this precious flower, they could finally have everything they ever wanted - or, at least, everything her mother wanted.
As a child she would spend little time outside of the watchful eye of her mother, the older woman wanting to ensure that her child grew into the perfect vision. It was because of this that she spent little time with people who she was not direction related to, but the few strangers that she did interact with thought that she was absolutely precious and that her mother was simply doing what was best. As she grew though Analeis began to realize that not everything was as perfect as her mother wished it to be. The few fleeting moments she had to herself between the rigorously scheduled dance lessons, gymnastics competitions, and tutoring sessions should have been filled with child like laughter that much she knew. Instead they were filled with looming visits to a far too white room and man who was referred to only as the nice doctor.
The changing seasons brought with it words such as cancer and terminal, they mentioned only in whispers when nobody thought the only child of the Dawson Household was around. It took her a few weeks to realize that these were in reference to her mother, but when she did it was too late. The woman who had dedicated countless hours to grooming the perfect rose was weak with the same disease that had struck before her daughter was brought into the world.
It seemed only days passed before the cancer stole her mother away.
Mister Dawson was a strong man throughout the funeral precession, but even the simplest of people could see that he was haunted by the ghosts of a woman he loved far too much. It was most likely this which drove him to move his daughter of barely fifteen to a new city where they could start a new: a small town called Angel Grove located just off the coast. As petty as it may sound, Analeis could not have been happier to start a new life away from the people who viewed her only as the last remnants of her mother since passed. In this new town she could be anyone she desired and in the end Analeis settled with what she perceived as her own version of perfection: an average student with average problems.

<center><Div style="padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; background-color: #000000; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; color: #fff; font-family: source sans pro; font-weight: 900; width: 450px; font-size: 15px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;">Azalea | PST | Private Message</div></center>
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