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ryan reese

Green Ranger

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Jun 12 2017, 02:01 AM
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<P>”Are you shitting me mom?!”

<p>”Ryan Reese you had better watch your language or I will wash that smart mouth of yours out with soap!”

<p>”Mom, relax! I’m seventeen! It’s fine!”

<p>”I don’t give a sh-I don’t care how old you are, young man! I am the vice principal of this school and I will not have my son wandering around the halls with such a foul mouth!”

<p>Ryan let out a sigh, throwing his hands up in surrender. There were some battles he had with his mother that he could win. This, however, was clearly not going to be one of them. The last thing he needed was to end up getting a detention or something. Being in school during the summer was bad enough as is and, more or less, was exactly why they were having this argument to begin with.

<p>Vice Principal Reese offered her son a tight-lipped smile. ”Good. Now, we know math isn’t your strongest subject. That’s why you’re here in summer school to begin with. You know how important it is that you keep your grades up so you can get good scholarships when you go off to play college football. Therefore, Mr. Lawson will be tutoring you and you will NOT be giving him any grief. It’s very kind of him to agree to dedicate this time to helping you when he could be off doing other things during his summer vacation. Do I make myself clear?” she asked.

<p>He resisted the urge to roll his eyes, knowing that would only get him smacked upside the head. ”Yes, mother,” he said.

<p>”Good. Now why don’t you head on down to the library so you can meet with him for your first session? You don’t want to be late,” she suggested.

<p>With a nod of his head, Ryan got up and made his way out of her office as quickly as possible. He loved his mother, truly he did, but she could be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Anyone who thought it was cool that his parents both worked at the high school should try dealing with them for a day. It was torture sometimes.

<p>Spending his summer in school wasn’t what Ryan had planned for the summer prior to his senior year. Unfortunately, he just had to fail that math class. Now here he was, retaking it…with a tutor. He didn’t even know who this Benjamin Lawson kid really was. Sure he had seen him around before, the kid seemed to be pretty involved with a lot of things happening around the school…but he wasn’t someone Ryan had ever really bothered to talk to. He really hoped he wasn’t one of those freakishly annoying nerds.

<p>Within a few minutes, the football player had entered the library. He glanced around at the tables, spotting Benjamin after a moment. At least he could recognize the guy’s face. If he was somewhat recognizable, that had to be a good thing…right? Well, Ryan was about to find out. He approached the table, keeping his expression neutral. ”Are you Ben Lawson? My mom sent me to see you…” he questioned. This was going to be a long summer…


@benjamin lawson
Jun 6 2017, 01:13 AM
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<p>Running away from his problems and responsibilities, running away from his hordes of admirers…and running down the football field to score the game-winning touch down as the clock hits zero in the 4th quarter… Yes, almost every aspect of his life involved running. Ryan Reese was perfectly okay with that. Maybe that sounded a little dramatic, he wasn’t always running from things. It was probably only like…60% of the time. If that.

<p>This evening had brought him to the outskirts of the bustling town of Angel Grove. The bike trail he was running on went through a foresty area and was probably one of Ryan’s favorite places to be. There weren’t usually many, if any, people whenever he came out here and it was one of the few places where he could actually be alone. He didn’t have to worry about his father watching his every move out here. It was nice and peaceful.

<p>It wasn’t that he had a problem with his father. His father had always been a good dad, for the most part. It was just hard always trying to meet his expectations and be perfect like his father expected him to be. Granted, he was basically perfect, but sometimes he did make mistakes and his father always tended to overreact to it. His mother wasn’t much better. They were just set in their ways and they had this image of having the perfect son who would one day be the world’s best football player. Ryan hoped for hat too, but sometimes it sucked to be pushed so hard. Everyone had their problems...and everyone had different ways to cope with them. This was one of his.

<p>He’d been running along the trail for about fifteen minutes now with no signs of other people. His headphones were in his ears blasting a wide-variety of music to help keep him motivated as he jogged along. With it being very apparent that he was alone, he dared to even start singing to the song currently playing. It was one of his favorite songs, but also that one song that he would never, ever, EVER let his teammates catch him jamming out to,

<p>”…the strength to believe….
<br>We’re breaking free!
<br>We’re soaring, flying
<br>There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach
<br>If we're trying
<br>Yeah we're breaking free
<br>Oh we're breaking free, ooooh…”

<p>Everyone had their guilty pleasures and Ryan Reese was no exception. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens had the voices of angels and something about those High School Musical songs were just so catchy and relatable. He would never admit it, but he was pretty sure Troy Bolton was his spirit animal. No, really, that was a secret he would probably take with him to the grave. He would die if anyone ever knew that.

<p>He was so into the moment that he didn’t notice the other person coming down the trail until it was almost too late. In fact, he was so startled by the appearance of this person that he just didn’t notice how this part of the trail had a bit of a dip in the ground. He was so concerned with stopping his singing and trying to look cool and hope she hadn’t heard it (which is unlikely because he wasn’t exactly singing quietly) that he managed to be completely caught off guard by the change in terrain. The next thing Ryan knew, he was falling forward towards the ground - right into the poor person who just happened to have been so close to passing him at the time. ”Shit! Look out!” Ryan called out in warning…but it was too late.

<p>They certainly weren’t ‘soaring’ or ‘flying’ any more….


@mickayla barnes
Jul 24 2016, 01:08 PM
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<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FULL NAME:</font> Ryan Reese
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">NICKNAME(S):</font> 'Ry' 'Reese'
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">SPECIES:</font> Human
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">AGE:</font> 17
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BIRTHDATE:</font> September 1
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">TEAM:</font> Mighty Morphin
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">COLOR:</font> Green Ranger
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">BASE OF OPERATIONS:</font> Angel Grove
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">OCCUPATION:</font> Student
<br><font class="steveoapptwo">FACECLAIM:</font> Robbie Amell

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border-top: 107px solid #fff; background-color: #fff; height: 250px;"><div class="steveoappfive">
<div class="steveoappone">

Powers and Skills
<li>Wrist Communicator</li>
<li>Power Morpher w/ Dragon Power Coin</li>
<li>Dragon Dagger</li>
<li>Dragon Shield</li>
<li>Blade Blaster</li>
<li>Mega Heater</li>
<li>Dragon Zord</li>


Athleticism is a natural ability Ryan has possessed since he was a child. He's spent years honing his strength, endurance, and agility to become the best athlete he can possibly be. Like the other Rangers, the discovery of the power coin has boosted these abilities to a level far beyond that of a normal human. Ryan now has the ability to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than he had ever imagined before.

Arrogant. This word is probably the one that defines Ryan Reese the most. As an only child, he was always told that he was the best and, as long as he worked hard, would continue to be so. His talent on the football field and popularity in school has really gotten to the young man's head and given him an over-inflated ego. He lives under the impression that he is God's gift to the world and is entitled to have anything that he wants. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing for him to be confident in himself and believe he can accomplish anything, the arrogant persona that Ryan radiates does tend to make him intolerable to some people.

<p>Despite this, Ryan is an outgoing and fun guy. He thrives off the company of other people - especially those that also seem to think he is great. He has a way of charming people with his words, to the point where he really has a knack for captivating them with the things that he says. You might actually start to believe that he's the greatest person to walk the face of the Earth if you spend too much time around him. He just has that charismatic effect about him.

<p>Ryan thrives off of excitement and challenges. He's never been known to give up, no matter how hard things get. When his mind is set on doing something, he can always be counted on to get it done. It can be frustrating dealing with someone so stubborn, but despite how full of himself Ryan is, one has to admire his resolve to never give up or half-ass things. Deep down, he's truly terrified of not being as good as everyone thinks he is. He's afraid of being a failure or a 'loser' and he never wants to be seen as weak. Of course, he doesn't want anyone to know that he actually has fears and feelings, so he puts on this show of being this 'cocky badass' because letting anyone see him as being weak in any way, according to Ryan, is the worst possible thing he could ever do.

<P>Robert Reese was an esteemed collegiate football player who threw his chance at a successful career on the professional level away because he fell in love with a younger woman by the name of Julie. Julie didn’t want a life of fame and publicity. She didn’t want a husband who would be traveling all of the time and constantly under the scrutiny of the press. She wanted a quiet life with the man that she loved, teaching and raising a family and Robert loved her enough that he agreed.

<p>Unfortunately, it didn’t seem if their life of the white picket fence and children playing in the yard would be easy to achieve. Though the couple tried many times to have a baby, there was always something or another going wrong and it just wasn’t happening. The doctors told the couple that it was possible that Julie would never have any children. Being a fairly stereotypical, Christian couple, Robert and Julie prayed for a miracle and rather it be through God or some other means, eventually their wish was granted.

<p>Ryan Reese was the only child born to Robert and Julie. Having wanted a child so desperately and being ecstatic to have a son, the couple dotted on young Ryan like no other. They thought he was the greatest thing to come into their lives and they made sure he knew it.. He was always told that he was the best and he should never settle for being anything other than that. Ryan’s father had dreams of his son being a star on the football field, just like he had been at one time and made sure to get the boy involved at sports as soon as he was old enough. It served as a great way for Ryan and his father to bond and Ryan loved sports, especially football, with a passion.

<p>Just before Ryan started middle school, his family moved to the city of Angel Grove. His mother had accepted a position as the vice principal of the high school and his father was going to be the head coach of the high school football team. As Ryan grew older and entered high school, he really started to shine on the football field. Playing the position of wide receiver, he was shown to have quick hands and could always be counted on to catch that game-winning pass.

<p>Now Ryan is here in his senior year of high school, focused only on earning that football scholarship and making his father proud. Okay, maybe that isn't entirely true. He's also concerned with keeping good enough grades to stay on the football team and earn said-scholarship which isn't as easy as he would have thought. How can he focus on grades when there's football and cute girls plaguing his thoughts every day? Little does Ryan know, these things will soon become the very least of his problems. Senior year is a time for change to loom on the horizon. Ryan just has no idea how drastic these changes might end up being...

<center><Div style="padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; background-color: #000000; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; color: #fff; font-family: source sans pro; font-weight: 900; width: 450px; font-size: 15px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;">BREKKA | MST | PM/AIM</div></center>
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