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 Bring back the Summer, Open
eben saito
 Posted: Jul 16 2017, 08:33 PM
eben saito
He, Him, His
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Angel Grove
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A new school year was on the rise and he was on the last end of his high school career. Summer was on the verge on closing with the entrance of fall on the horizon. Eben would definitely miss this time of year, it was definitely a better view than Chicago ever had. Smoke would cloud his face as he a breathe was released from his lungs. He would bring his right hand up to his mouth as another inhale was made that would bring the wrapped joint to burn at the end. The sunset was beautiful out here, especially off the beach as it started to make the beach feel cooler. He was leaning on the handles of his bike as he sat on the grassy hill watching the birds, the clouds, and the sky change colors while enjoying his relaxing herb.

Life had become a bit more simple since he was forced to live here but he really couldn't complain the change. The only thing he didn't like, was the lack of excitement around here. The small town life really couldn't hold to the big city buzz. That's why he went exploring every inch of Angel Grove and the sounding area when he could. Keeping busy with his martial artists at his adoptive father's dojo and working on his bike were the only other hobbies he had around here outside of him exploring his new home. He was happy that soon he would be able to fully be on his own. He made a promise to his dad that he would put more effort into finishing high school but he really lacked an interest in it.

He didn't really have a plan set for his future but he knew that he wanted to live out on his own. It would be hard to leave his only family on the other side of it. Another cloud of smoke would form around the teenager as he would sink into his thoughts. The buzz settling in, the view of the sunset looking better, and he really couldn't have too much of a care in the world right now. Yet, maybe he should but didn't want to pull himself from his life with his dad just yet. He still had time to figure it all out but it still hasn't it that this is the last year that he has left. Hopefully, it will be an exciting one. But could you truly get that in such a place as small as this?

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