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 Getting to know you..., Tag: Daphne
charles coleman
 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 12:28 AM
charles coleman
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One more day finished. Honestly, it felt real nice to have a steady job again. Every day, Charles couldn' help but feel thankful that Kendall would give him an opportunity to have a real life. For the most part. Plus the rangers being able to forge a new identity for him was the best thing to happen to him since the microwave or color television. It was like he existed again. It was mind blowing. After such a lonely time, he was finally back in society. Functioning.

Sure, there were times when the man had a hard time keeping up with people's questions. Working as a tour guide, he was constantly talking and moving. His very clear and proper speech made him a natural. His words were always so...calming? Many people couldn't decipher what was different about the way he spoke but if they were to place it, it would be reminiscent of the old, old black and white films or their grandparents minus the wear and tear of the years.

After work, Charles had a habit of heading down to the headquarters. Though he was certain Kendall would call him if his services were necessary, he couldn't help but go down just to chat. Sometimes Kendall was around, sometimes she wasn't but either way, the headquarters at least made him feel like he was somewhat useful.

Though Charles had no idea how in the world to operate any of the machinery, the quiet hum was a calming white noise, unlike the silence of his apartment. He sat in one of the chairs at a meeting table set up in the room and pulled a book from his messenger bag. He was alone for the time being, perfect for revisiting his Dickens novel.
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