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Posted by: DANNI Apr 19 2017, 12:23 PM
Guardian Rules

  1. Read all the rules
  2. You are responsible for keeping up to date with the rules.

  3. No drama allowed
  4. Keep all drama in-character. We ask that you respect your other players at all times on Guardian. This includes the c-box and out-of-character boards. What you do off-site is between players; however, while here we ask that you contact a staff member with any and all problems you may encounter and things will be resolved accordingly.

  5. Post-Count
  6. Guardian does not have a required post length, but we respect quality over quantity. That said, a good guideline is to either work out a word-count with your fellow player(s) for the thread or to match what is given. Most players will understand that you don't typically match 1000 words. Communication is key.

  7. Site Rating
  8. Guardian is unrated. However, we ask that mature threads be marked with an [M] tag in the thread title. Guardian is set in a realistic universe with expected violence. However, excessive or explicit threads will need to be tagged. If you are unsure if a thread needs to be tagged or not, please talk to an admin.

  9. No GM or PP
  10. As per standard rules of roleplay, Guardian does not allow god-modding, power playing, or metagaming. Your characters cannot be all-powerful. Do not control other people's characters. Remember to separate OOC knowledge and IC knowledge. For example, Character A can't know what Character B is thinking/doing without somehow finding out.

  11. Activity
  12. We understand that life, school, and work come first in priority to writing. Therefore, the activity requirement for Guardian is one in-character post per month. Activity checks will be held bi-monthly. If a member cannot fulfill an activity check, it is advised that they post an absence or contact a staff member immediately to avoid any complications with inactive accounts or deletion of player and character information. Unchecked and unexcused activity checks will result in accounts getting deleted and information to be archived.


  13. Character accounts
  14. Each character must have their own account. When registering, please be sure to use your character's first and last name in all lower-case.

  15. Application
  16. When you apply, please use the following format:

    Description: Member Group | Playby F. Last | Character age in ##

    Description: Red Ranger | A. St. John | 17

  17. Reservations
  18. Reservations will last 3 days from the date posted. Unless filled out on the canon list, the colors/canons will be available. Incomplete applications or profiles will not be counted as reservations. Players may only reserve one canon at a time.

    Character Rules

  19. Playbys
  20. All characters must have a playby. This also applies to alien characters. Players are allowed to use photoshopped avatars for inhuman traits. No personal photos are allowed to be used and will not be accepted in the face claim. Staff reserves the right to pend or deny applications at their discretion if they deem the playby choice unacceptable.

    **Note: Players are not required to have a monster or armored form for their OC villains. Guardian does not condone the usage of other people's manipulations or drawings without artist permission for any characters.

  21. Mini-Profiles
  22. Players are expected to have a complete mini profile before they are accepted. This includes a properly sized avatar. The only sections that should be empty before the application process is over are the shipper link and development page.

  23. Claims
  24. Upon acceptance, the player must complete the claims section. Failure to do so will result in an unsorted character. Once claims are finished, the character will be sorted and gain posting privileges.

  25. Character Cap
  26. While Guardian does not have a character cap, we do encourage members to only take on what they can handle. The first two characters are free and do not have any requisites. After that, players will have to have an active thread with each of your previous characters, meaning you must have posted each of your characters IC at least once within the past month.

  27. Canons
  28. Guardian is an OC-based site. However, there are non-ranger characters available such as mentors and villains. That being said, canon characters should be taken as a guideline. Though we don't expect Rita to be a saint or Zordon to be a gun-toting, motorcycling gang lord, we don't want players to feel like they must be confined to the campy 90's television or 2017 movie iterations. Goldar can have a human form! Alpha, too! If you have an idea that you're unsure of, ask a staff member. Here at Guardian, we strive to have a creative and unique set of characters. If there is a canon mentor, villain, or ally that you wish to play but do not see on the canon list, please feel free to inquire!
    • NEW TEAMS AND CIVILIANS: When new teams become active, previously established civilian characters may apply for the role of a new Ranger. More information will be provided as new teams are added. If you require more clarification on this, please speak to an admin.

  29. OC Rangers
  30. As stated before, Guardian is an OC-based site. We won't have Jason Scott, Rocky Santos, or Adam Park. Your own characters will be filling these positions instead. You are not limited to making your characters like the canons. That being said, we do not allow OC colors. Purple Mighty Morphin will be automatically denied. Please stick to what you see available on the roster when applying for a ranger.

  31. Creation Limits
  32. When it comes to taking canon characters, please note that you are allowed a maximum of 2. This may be any combination of mentor, ally, and villain. When applying for rangers, you are allowed a maximum of 6 and you may not have more than 2 per team.

  33. Inactive Applications
  34. Unfinished applications left for more than two weeks will be deleted. Player must wait two weeks before resubmitting.

    Staff reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any given time. Members will be notified and held accountable for reviewing the updates.

    Updated: 7/8/2017

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