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Posted by: alice carvalho Jun 10 2017, 11:09 PM
Olivia _____
I'm looking for Alice's mother. She is one of those people that just can't seem to let go of her high school status. She went to L.A. to become a model and was slowly working her way up until she met Alice's father. He was a pro soccer player and they were married for about a year. He was injured and returned to Brazil shortly after Alice was born. Olivia moved back to Angel Grove where she met Ben, Alice's step-father and after a much longer courtship, the two were married. Olivia is now a real estate agent and is trying to relive her glory days by pressuring Alice to do the things she did; popular cheerleader dating the captain of the football (or in this case soccer) team. She doesn't really understand that Alice really isn't particularly interested and is only doing the things because she feels she has to for her mom to be happy. Right now things are a bit tense because either Olivia low key believes some of the rumors about her daughter or is upset about Alice exposing herself to such gossip.

Playby suggestion: Ginnifer Goodwin (looks like Cameron's mother and enough like Alice to pass)

Ben _____
Ben owns a garage and body shop in town. He's a fairly chill dude and balances out Olivia's almost neurotic tendencies. He's also bonded with Alice and supports her in whatever she's interested in. He's pretty excited that she shows an interest in mechanical things and is proud that she's actually quite good at science and math. He's not entirely sure what happened at Prom but he would never believe that his little girl (that's how he views Alice) would do anything that is being said about her. He's a good dad not only to Alice but his own child from a previous relationship and his youngest from his relationship with Olivia.

Playby suggestion: Ewan MacGregor

____ _____
Alice's stepsibling is pretty up in the air. Gender is up for grabs as well as name and just about everything. Heck, even the relationship between Alice and her step sibling is up for discussion. They would be around the same age as Alice so between the ages of 16 and 18. They can either get along fantastically and be very close. Maybe they are just ambivalent toward one another. They could maybe even not get along very well at all. It all depends on what you're interested in. All is up for negotiation. The one thing that is a must is that they both adore their little brother Connor.

Playby suggestion: None

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