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 Wakanida's School of Magic, An Original Potterverse RPG
The World Spirit
 Posted: Jan 27 2017, 01:47 AM
The World Spirit
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A dragon has been smuggled into America, and with its ban on magical creatures, no one is sure how the dragon got there to begin with. According to Auror intel it had been smuggled in by some powerful Dark Witches and Wizards unknown. They are also in firm belief that the dragon's first target is Wakanda's School of Magic and will happen upon the Valentine's Day ball. Will these dark Witches and Wizards be successful, or will the top trained Macusa Aurors stop it before it gets really bloody?

What we Offer:

Friendly Staff
200+ words
Original Potterverse Lore
Brand New School set in Alaska
New Houses to join
New Adventures to take upon
Monthly events to participate in
House Points and House Cup Awards
at the end of the year

Most Wanted Staff:

Herbology, Astronomy
Potions, Ancient Runes, Charms
Defense against the Dark Arts
Alchemy, Magical Theory,
Shape Shifting, History of Magic, Divination, Muggles Art,

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